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With 6 different restaurants and cafés as well as two delis, Jakobsen & Co. can definitely help you host the perfect party – in one of our restaurants or at another location. Each Jakobsen & Co restaurant has its own strengths and possibilities, but all of them value quality and atmosphere highly. Together we will make sure that you and your guests get the party of your dreams.

Any type of party

We can help with any conceivable arrangement. From confirmations, weddings and christenings to Christmas parties, receptions and birthdays. We also offer the opportunity to have meetings with catering during the day or in the evening. If you have the location ready, we offer delivery service.

Below, you can read more about our various restaurants and what they can offer you. If you have any questions, please contact our event manager Lennart.

Let Thomas help you with your party

Contact our event manager Lennart, and he will help you tailor your next party at one of Jakobsen’s and Co’s restaurants.

ln@jakobsenco.dk +45 51 44 44 81


It is very popular to invite for brunch or lunch at one of our locations in connection with a christening.

We can host parties of up to 120 guests with the option of renting the entire restaurant from 11.00 – 15.00 for a brunch event or 12.00 – 16.30 for a lunch event.

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Grappa al Porto is the perfect place to have a confirmation party with up to 80 guests.

We put together a menu that fits the wishes of the confirmand. It can be classic, fine dining with a three-course meal or more relaxed with small dishes. Contact us now to reserve the date.

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Birthdays and other parties

At all our restaurants, you can have the birthday or party of your dreams, and we can accommodate anything from 10 to 120 guests.

Our various restaurants each have their own strengths when it comes to organising events – please contact our event manager to find the restaurant that is best suited for your event.

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Small events

For a small event, we can recommend Café Viggo. At this cosy café, we serve a delicious three-course menu and after the meal, you can continue with cocktails and music from our DJ.

Piccolo is also suitable for small parties. The small cicchetti dishes set the scene for socialising and social dining with friends. Here too, you can finish your dinner with spritz cocktails and good music.

If you want to celebrate your birthday at one of our other eateries, please contact us and we will plan the perfect party together.

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Food to go

There are many opportunities to enjoy our delicious food, whether in the office or at home. We deliver food for both small and large companies from 10 – 200 guests.

We put together the menu according to wishes and needs. Contact our event manager to find out more about what we can offer.

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Reception – your place or ours?

All our restaurants can host large or small receptions, whether you want to sit down for a three-course meal or a standing reception with tapas.

Rømer’s Latin American cuisine is particularly well-suited for standing receptions. The same goes for the small dishes, cicchetti, at Piccolo.

We offer to deliver delicious food no matter if you have your reception at one of our restaurants or at another location. Contact our event manager to hear more.

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Business lunches or meetings with meals

Grappa offers an Italian lunch for professionals on lunch break in the city centre. We can serve two courses in 45 minutes, so even a tight schedule is no obstacle for us.

At Grappa al Porto, you can have meetings during the daytime. We have room for up to 80 people, with the opportunity to be seated in small groups. We can serve you breakfast, lunch and drinks during the day.

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Business table at Rømer

At Rømer, you can book Rømer’s business table, which is placed discretely at the back of the restaurant. It seats 12 people. The table is located in connection with the rest of the restaurant, yet a little remote. Perfect for meetings during the afternoon or when you invite business associates to dinner.

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Company party or Christmas party

Jakobsen & Co’s restaurants provide the perfect setting for the Christmas party of the year or a company party with the opportunity to accommodate up to 120 guests.

Grappa Piccolo and Café Viggo are cosy locations for smaller events, and Grappa al Porto and Rømer can host large company gatherings. We can customise the menu according to your wishes. Take a look at our website where this year’s Christmas menu for each restaurant will be posted.

All of our eateries are centrally located in Aarhus with easy access from both parking facilities and public transport. Our professional and service-minded staff are ready to give you a good experience.

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