Delicious Italian products and specialties

At Grappa Deli Risskov, you will find the most delicious Italian specialities and take away to make everyday life easier. Italy is known for it’s food culture and delicious ingredients. And in the deli, we are proud to offer authentic Italian specialities.

From from parmesan cheese, ham, sausages and pasta to wine, olive oil and pesto. The ingredients are in focus, and the taste it Italian. We have specialities you recognize, but also new and exciting products that can inspire you. Visit us and see our selection!


Visit Piccolo

Grappa Deli Risskov is adjacent to restaurant Piccolo Risskov, which it known for its spritz and Cicchetti – Venice’s version of tapas. In addition to the many cold and hot Cicchetti, Piccolo also has pizza and pasta dishes on the menu. We make our own pasta every day, and in our rotisserie, we roast chickens and porchetta. Then it doesn’t get any better or more authentic.

Visit Piccolo Risskov