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If you have had a meal at Åen in Aarhus, you have probably visited one of our cafes or restaurants.The restaurants and cafés under Jakobsen & Co. are an established part of Aarhus’ city life, and we value great atmosphere and quality ingredients highly. If you are looking for relaxed cafe atmosphere, delicious Italian or Latin American food in the City of Smiles, please come and visit us. Enjoy a delicious meal with a nice glass of wine or a cocktail – and feel the atmosphere!


Our restaurants, cafes and restaurants in Aarhus

Jakobsen og Co. has a number of restaurants and cafés in Aarhus.

Child friendly restaurants

At the restaurants, we always do our best to make our guests happy – big ones and small ones alike. Children are always welcome, and highchairs are available. If there is room in the restaurant, you can bring a pram. Just ask the waiter on arrival or write it in your booking.


Good wines

We think that a meal should be accompanied by a nice glass of wine. Each bottle is selected by us, and we have a well-stocked wine list with a wide selection of wines by the bottle and glass. Restaurant Grappa has one of the largest selections of Italian wines in Aarhus, and most of them are available by the glass as well.

Vegetarian or vegan in Aarhus

All our restaurants offer dishes for vegans and vegetarians. Especially the small dishes at Rømer are suitable. Rømer also has a separate vegan menu.


Gluten and lactose free

Our restaurants offer gluten and lactose free alternatives. However, you must be aware that the food is prepared in a kitchen where gluten is used. Ask your waiter about the possibilities.

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Have your party in the middle of Aarhus


You can have your party at any of our restaurants. We host anything from birthdays, christenings, confirmations and weddings to corporate events and Christmas parties.

Enjoy the unique atmosphere in fantastic surroundings when you have your event or party at one of our restaurants. Together, we will choose the perfect menu for your party, and of course our friendly and smiling staff come with the package.

If you have the premises but need the food, we can also offer food as delivery or catering. Read more under each restaurant or contact our event manager to hear more.

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The story of Jakobsen & Co.

Jakobsen & Co is a restaurant adventure that started with the reopening of Aarhus Å (the river). Before this, for many years the river in Aarhus was hidden in concrete pipes under the city, and you could drive your car directly from Mølleparken to the harbour. It was practical, but not very beautiful.

When the concrete deck over the river was finally removed, it opened for the possibility to run a café by the river. This created a cosy café environment that is very well visited, not least in the summer, when the area is buzzing with life under the parasols at the many café tables.

First came Café Viggo, then Rømer and Grappa

The couple, Inge and Uffe Jakobsen, opened Café Viggo at Åboulevarden in 1996, and since then they have worked by the river every day. In 2003, the time was ripe for another restaurant, and Rømer opened as a café, restaurant and nightclub.


Next step

Three years later, they took the next step when Grappa opened as an Italian restaurant and wine bar. Later Uffe and Inge took over the premises at the bottom of the Hotel Atlantic by the outlet of the river. These premises now house the Italian restaurant Grappa al Porto, and after a complete renovation, Rømer now offers Latin American social dining.

Piccolo and Grappa Deli

In August 2018, Piccolo and Grappa Deli opened in the property Åboulevarden 62. Grappa Deli offers Italian take-away, as a substitute for packed lunches or as a quick and delicious dinner alternative to your own culinary efforts in the kitchen.



Piccolo serves Venice’s response to tapas, called cicchetti. The cicchetti concept is small, delicious antipasti accompanied by a nice glass of wine or a spritz. In addition to cicchetti, other traditional Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta are also served.

The Grappa family expands to Risskov

In October 2019, a Piccolo and Grappa Deli opened at Nordre Strandvej 39 in Risskov. Both have the same concept as the two by the same name in the center of Aarhus.

At Piccolo you can experience the same love and family atmosphere as in Italy. Besides the cold and varm Cicchetti, you can also get pizza and pasta in the high grappa quality.

At Grappa Deli you can pick up take away for an easy lunch og dinner. We offer a big selection of panini, foccacia sandwich and scorcchiarella pizzas, salad, freshly made pasta and other Italian specialties.