Grappa Deli – a deli with take-away and Italian specialties



Grappa Deli – if you’re on the go.

We have delicious take away and a large selection of Italian specialties to make it easy for you to make food at home that tastes just like in Italy.

In Italy, each region and even each city has its own specialties and food tradition that they are very proud of and firmly believe you won’t find better anywhere else. From various parmesan cheeses, hams, sausages and pasta dishes to wine, olive oil and pestos. Visit the deli and have a look at our selection – there will be specialties you recognize, but also something new and exciting to be inspired by.

Visit Grappa Piccolo

A small piece of Venice in Aarhus.

Piccolo means ‘small’ in Italian and is the name of our small but cozy restaurant adjacent to the Deli. At Piccolo, which is located just off Åen (the River) in Aarhus C, the premises may be small, but the atmosphere is large. Stop by this small eatery and enjoy a relaxed and cosy time at Piccolo.

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