Café Viggo – classic French-inspired café in the middle of Aarhus


With its location by Åen in Aarhus (the river), for over 20 years Café Viggo has been at the centre of café life and the special, relaxed and cool atmosphere you find in Aarhus’ city centre. The café is decorated in a classic French café style and serves a combination of traditional café food and classic French cuisine.

Something for everyone


Whether you stop by for brunch with friends, a delicious lunch or a nice dinner, we have something for everyone.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, we have a selection of vegetarian dishes on the menu. For specific requests, please ask your waiter

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Brunch, lunch, dinner or a snack with a drink


At Café Viggo, many guests start the day with our famous tapas brunch, which in all its simplicity means assembling your own brunch from a large selection of different small brunch dishes.

If the weather is nice, there is nothing better than to enjoy good food in the sunshine right next to the river, while Aarhus slowly wakes up.

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Danish or French cuisine


For lunch or dinner, we offer French bistro cuisine and classic café favourites such as Moules Frites and Salad Chevre Chaud, which will take you right to the heart of Paris.

In addition to the French touch, Café Viggo always has a wide selection of classic Danish dishes, such as tartlets or smørrebrød (open face sandwiches). A tasteful burger with crispy fries or nachos is also an option. Of course, we also serve coffee from Illy and homemade desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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Perfect setting for your event

A birthday, romantic dinner or just having fun with friends? Café Viggo is the perfect place for it all. Please contact our event manager, and let us help you arrange your next gathering.

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Great atmosphere at Café Viggo from morning to evening


When the evening comes, Café Viggo turns up the music, and our bartenders are ready to make delicious and colourful cocktails to give you the best start to a great evening.

Bring your friends to Viggo and experience the cosy and happy atmosphere combined with delicious cocktails.

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Named after Merchant Viggo Jørgensen

Café Viggo is named after Viggo Jørgensen, who in 1930 built the house as one of the country’s first iron concrete houses and department stores – ‘Viggo Jørgensen’s Equipment Store’. Uffe and Inge Jakobsen took over the premises in 1996 and opened Café Viggo, which quickly became popular among the city’s café guests.


The opening of the river in Aarhus

Aarhus Å had been covered for a long time but was reopened during the 90s. Now there is a vibrant café life along the river, not least during summertime, where outdoor dining provides a unique atmosphere at the cafés and eateries by the river. An atmosphere to experience.

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