A small piece of Venice by the river in Aarhus


Piccolo means ‘small’ in Italian and is the name of the latest addition to the Grappa family. At Piccolo, which is located just off Åen (the River) in Aarhus C, the premises may be small, but the atmosphere is large. Each day, this small eatery is full of guests who enjoy a relaxed and cosy time at Piccolo.

Italian atmosphere


Piccolo captures the Italian warm-hearted and down-to-earth atmosphere that characterises this beautiful country. The cutlery comes in rustic tomato cans, and your waiter may be the chef.

Together, our waiters and chefs create that special Italian feeling and give you the best possible experience, whether you stop by for a cosy lunch or spritz cocktails late at night.

Small dishes – perfect for social dining


The word ‘small’ also refers to the small, delicious dishes you get at Piccolo: cicchetti, which is Venice’s version of the Spanish tapas. Small is good, because it means that you get a lot of different, small dishes, all inspired by Italy’s many regions. Cicchetti are shared food at its best, inviting you to social dining with good friends or colleagues.

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Try our aperitivi


Friday afternoon from 15.00-17.00 is ‘aperitivi’ time, which is Italy’s way of starting the weekend out in style. If you buy a spritz, a glass of wine or another beverage, you can help yourself to our selection of cicchetti at the bar. Stop by and feel the atmosphere – it’s almost like Venice.

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Cicchetti – Venice’s version of tapas


When you are hungry in Venice or just need a little break from your everyday life, you go to one of the city’s many eateries and get a couple of ‘cicchetti’. The beautiful Venetian word covers a small dish: a snack, a bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, the classic burrata, a bowl of olives or deep-fried squid.

Similar to the Spanish tapas. Tapas has been popular in Denmark for the past many years. Now we think it’s time for the delicious Italian cicchetti to be introduced here as well.

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A sense of Venice


In addition to a wide selection of many small cold and hot cicchetti, Piccolo also has pizzas and pasta dishes on the menu. To go with the food, we have delicious Italian wines and a large selection of grappa and spritz – the classic aperitif that should start out any visit to Piccolo.

Although Aarhus doesn’t have as many canals as Venice, Piccolo by ‘Åen’ (the river) serves cicchetti with the same relaxed flavour to match the best Venetians chefs. Perfect for any day of the week or for a great party, an afternoon in the sun or as the start of a good weekend. Whether you visit us to have a single spritz cocktail or to share a nice bottle of wine with friends, we look forward to welcoming you with genuine Italian atmosphere!

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Stop by Grappa Deli


On the way to or from Piccolo, don’t miss out on Grappa Deli, which is adjacent to Piccolo towards Skt. Clemens Stræde. The deli is one of the few places in Aarhus where you can buy authentic Italian specialties. In the autumn of 2019, both Piccolo and Grappa Deli will open in Risskov, north of the city, with the same décor and surroundings as the locations situated by the river.

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