Piccolo – the feeling of Venice


Piccolo lives up to it’s name which means ‘small’ in Italian. At Piccolo Risskov, the premises may the small, but the atmosphere is great. It is a small eatery with cosy and relaxed atmosphere close to the forest and beach.

Italian cordiality


The most important thing for us at Piccolo Risskov is that our guests are happy and that you find the same warm, family atmosphere that you do in Italy. We want you to have a good experience, whether you visit for nice lunch, a delicious Italian dinner or for spritz, cocktails late a night.

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Social dining with friends


Cicchetti is Venice’s version of the Spanish tapas, and the small delicious dishes are also found at Piccolo Risskov. With many small dishes, you get to taste many different things, all with inspiration from the regions og Italy. Cicchetti is sharing at it’s best, inviting social dining with good friends or colleagues. In addition, we have a large selection of pizza and pasta dishes if the well-known Grappa quality on the menu. On weekends, Piccolo Risskov also serves a delicious Italian brunch.

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Aperitivi every Friday afternoon

Friday afternoon from 15-17, we serve ‘Aperitivi’, which is a typical Italian way to start the weekend. The kitchen serves samples of Cicchetti at the bar, and if you buy a spritz, wine or other drinks, you can taste the delicious small dishes. Stop by and feel the real Venetian atmosphere.

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Own pasta production 

From the street, you can see our pasta-making room, where we have our own pasta production. This means that we always offer fresh pasta and have several pasta dishes on the menu. Of course, you can also get Grappa’s well-known pizzas at Piccolo Risskov.

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Cicchetti – small and delicious Italian dishes


‘Cicchetti is served at Venice’s many eateries, and the beautiful word covers a small dish, for example a snack, a bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, the classic burrata, a bowl of olives or deep-fried squid. Just as you know it from Spanish tapas. Tapas has become very popular in Denmark in recent years, and now it is time that we also get to know the delicious Italian Cicchetti.

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Italian wines, grappa and spritz

We have a great selection of good Italian wines on our wine list. Many of the wines can also be purchased by the glass. In addition, we also offer a wide selections of grappa and spritz, the classic Italian aperitif, which should start out any visit to Piccolo Risskov.

Stop by Grappa Deli Risskov


On the way to or from Piccolo Risskov, do not miss a visit to Grappa Deli Risskov, which is adjacent to Piccolo. At the deli, you find authentic Italian specialties and delicious Italian take-away.